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From this space, I would like to offer the possibility of presenting my clinical work in the field of Depth Psychology, as well as being a reference for the training and supervision of professionals. I also hope that it will become a place of information about my books, as well as other texts of interest for reflection and analytical practice.

Dr. Javier Castillo Colomer

Graduated in Analytical Psychology from The Research and Training Centre for Depth Psychology according to C.G. Jung and Marie-Louise von Franz. Zurich, Switzerland.

Clinical Practice

Individual psychotherapy of psychoanalytic orientation for adults. When required during analysis it is combined with group psychotherapy, as well as couple and family sessions. The therapy can be in Spanish, Catalan, English or French and can be either in person or online.

PDD Psicoterapia

Creator of Dynamic Psychotherapy Oriented by Dimensions (PDD):

An integrative model that works with the following dimensions: Cognitive, Topographic, Psychodynamic, Abreactive, Relational and Existential.

Especially suitable for the development and understanding of psychotherapy with psychotic and borderline patients.

An introduction to dream interpretation

The long personal and professional experience of Dr. Javier Castillo allows him to finally come to the conclusion, in line with the Jungian idea, that dreams are a phenomenon of nature and must be understood as what they are. The contents that come from the unconscious neither want to hide, distort or fool us, but speak in its own language, the language of images.