Individual psychotherapy of psychoanalytic orientation for adults. When required during analysis it is combined with group psychotherapy, as well as couple and family sessions. The therapy can be in Spanish, Catalan, English or French and can be either in person or online. | +34 629 612 318

Clinical Practice

I started working as a psychotherapist in 1983, within both individual and group frameworks, always within the psychoanalytic tradition. For a while I combined my private practice with the practice of psychotherapy in a public health setting (specializing in brief and objective psychotherapy), although I currently only work in private practice.

Throughout these years of clinical work, I have been evolving towards integrative models that allow me to understand psychic processes and psychotherapeutic intervention from a more complex and global perspective. The result of my practice and research has been the creation of my own therapeutic model: Dynamic Psychotherapy orientated by dimensions (PDD), especially suited for working with psychotic and borderline disorders.

The analysis of dreams is as important to me as the fundamental principle of psychic work and the elaboration of the unconscious, as well as empathetic processes, transferential interpretation or character analysis. Depending on the structure and needs of our patients, we can use one tool or another in the elaboration of their conflicts.

Currently I treat people suffering with different disorders: depressive or anxiety syndromes; psychosomatic problems; family and couple relationship conflicts; sexual dysfunctions; and existential crises or any suffering of an emotional nature that requires elaboration.

My work as a Supervisor

In the last couple of decades, I have dedicated part of my work to supervising other psychotherapy professionals, both individually and in working groups.

Diagnosis, clinical interaction styles, transference and counter-transference analysis, as well as dream interpretation have become fundamental to these clinical supervisions.

Both psychotherapy and supervision can be done in person or online, so it is possible to work with people from different cities and countries.